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About us

Bioesti   ( in ancient Greek  means  ''  is (esti)  Life (bio )'' )  

Our family  with years of experience in production - exportation  of natural Greek products starting
from 1953 with olive soaps and olive oil and branching out with Greek sea sponges and natural Greek
food products.

We specialize in Fina and Honeycomb types , which are the finest and most durable types of sea sponges available, from East Mediterranean and Aegean sea  only. Sourced directly from fishermen
and with our personal involvement and supervision in the whole process, we ensure  that only the highest quality sponges are exported, in bleached or natural form.

   In keeping with tradition and knowledge that has been passed down over the years, we constantly learn from nature and try to create products that are as rich and diverse as the natural ingredients we use. Blended with the finest virgin olive oil, we have achieved to create an exceptional range of soaps and cosmetics that are beneficial to health and leave a feeling of wellness inside and out.

We aim to keep all the flavours and essences nature can offer from the surrounding hillsides of Greece’s islands in our food products and we follow the process from  producers till shipping , guarantying the quality and traceability of the final product, insuring  high standards are met.

Our  aim is to be the prime choice of clients from around the globe for quality Greek natural products.
and we focus on:
- highest quality for our natural products  
-total client's satisfaction by understanding and serving ,client's individual needs.